What Makes Us Tick

The Driving Force

The founders of the Annex Group have worked in the roofing and restoration business for decades and noted a common trend of distrust from clients. With so many “fly-by-nighters”, “scammers”, small-timers and grouchy contractors out there ripping people off with undelivered work, poor construction, etc. – they found it an uphill battle to gain respect. Even with all the stamps of approval, the laundry list of happy customers and a portfolio that shinned the general public perception was a force of its own.

So began the journey to build business that made sense of the madness by creating a new experience. This meant building companies with a friendly face, accountability and a unbeatable track records. Manning each with highly trained experts that make any experience a pleasure for its customers.

And it’s working. The buzz is growing and we are proud to be riding this wave of changed minds and bettered communities.


Once the mission of recreating the perception of a roofing contractor was established the seed for Roofing Annex sprouted. Roof repairs and renovations are just about the most problematic services that property owners can go thru. Why? They usually¬† get tackled by incompetent individuals or retail companies. Hence, our sprout turned into a stem, a stem called “Haag Certification”. Becoming storm damage forensic experts put us into a whole new arena.

The Next Step

Pushing the envelope on all fronts and changing hearts and minds about contractor services means a total reinvention.
Learn how our companies make us different.