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Let’s face it, we all procrastinate, especially when it involves chores or spending money on home maintenance. But one area where procrastination can be costly is roof repairs. The best way to identify minor roof repairs is by scheduling a roof inspection with the Roofing Annex or doing your own visual inspection. The sooner you can take care of minor roof repairs, the fewer costly problems you’ll have later.

Give Attention to Small Roofing Problems

You may have noticed a few missing roof shingles, or one or two shingles that are loose or buckling but thought nothing of it because the rest of your roof looks fine. In actuality, those minor problems can result in some serious, major problems to your entire roof, especially during adverse weather like heavy rains and strong winds. That’s why roof repair is so important.

Roof repair is replacing, adding, or adjusting certain areas of an existing roofing system to ensure its structural integrity. Roof repairing encompasses repairing damage to parts of the roofing system, fixing roof leaks, replacing damaged shingles, caulking and reroofing.

Minor problems to roofing components that can be repaired include:

  • Shingles that are not well secured;
  • Damaged shingles;
  • The beginnings of roof damage caused by long-standing debris in roof valleys or corners of the roof;
  • Loose flashing;
  • Gaps around roofing vents and other roof penetrations;
  • Missing caulking or sealant where the chimney meets the roof;
  • Damage to the sheathing;
  • Loose finishing edges;
  • Gutters and downspouts that have moved out of proper position.

Repair Now or Pay Later

Although it may seem minor, any damage to roofing materials could cause water to seep into the sheathing and underlayment. When this happens, water will begin leaking into the attic and its insulation. By that time, costly damage has occurred, but even more concerning, the water damage could eventually cause your ceiling to collapse. What would have been an affordable repair has now turned into a major roof replacement and extensive interior home repairs costing tens of thousands of dollars. Compare this cost to the few hundred dollars that most minor roof repairs cost.